Travelling To Hong Kong

Hong Kong is part of China’s Special Administrative Region and is located on the south of China near the Pearl River Delta. Hong Kong was once a colony of Great Britain and was also occupied by Japan for part of its history. The country has an estimated population of over seven (7) million people. Chinese and English are the languages most widely spoken in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Dollar is the official currency of the territory. Hong Kong was officially handed over to China by Great Britain in 1997 and it was agreed that Hong Kong would maintain its own political and economic system separately from mainland China.

Many people wish to travel to Hong Kong but the travel requirements where visas are concerned are onerous. This can be avoided by going to the contact us page on this website to submit questions about second passport alternatives that are secure, reputable and beneficial. A second citizenship helps in many ways and can help open doors you’ve never imagined. Inheritance and succession planning in a tax shelter can generate very long term benefits for you and your family. These countries also have many other benefits such as lower or no tax on retirement income, plus more tax incentives for expats. There are great opportunities for real estate projects by beautiful beaches and in the most exotic low tax jurisdictions.

Hong Kong is known today as one of the top financial centers in the world. The country has a very stable economy which has attracted a number of investors including well known international companies and banks. Hong Kong is often referred to as a low tax haven for its very low tax regime which has been put in place for corporations. Doing business using a Hong Kong company within Hong Kong has a low corporate tax rate of 17.5% per annum, a figure which is considerably low when compared to other countries in the world. Hong Kong is also well known for its offshore banking sector. Offshore banking is provided by local and international banks in Hong Kong to individuals and corporations. If you interested in Belize company incorporation, we can help you with it.

Hong Kong is a very vibrant country which is referred to as the place where east meets west, the culture of Hong Kong is a reflection of Chinese and British culture. The country attracts a huge number of visitors each year. Hong Kong is well known for its attractions, fine cuisine and nocturnal entertainment. Some of the popular attractions in Hong Kong include The Peak, Madam Tussauds, the Western Market, Ocean Park, 1881 Heritage, Hollywood Road and Hong Kong Disney.

Dinning out in Hong Kong is very exciting as there are many great restaurants scattered around the country which is also known as the Culinary Capital of Asia. It is estimated that there are at least eleven thousand (11,000) restaurants in Hong Kong. Sea food and Dim Sum is very popular among diners in Hong Kong. Persons can enjoy traditional Hong Kong and Chinese meals as well as international cuisines or a mixture of the two.

Nightlife in Hong Kong includes bar hopping, night clubs and wine bars. Unwinding begins at local bars in and around the city which normally hosts happy hours from six (6) in the evening to nine (9). Happy hour means drinks at discounted prices or two for the price of one. This is a great way to mingle with the locals and learn a thing or two about the culture of this magnificent island. Night clubs begin opening their doors from around 10:30 treating patrons to both local and international music as well as fantastic drinks.

Accommodations in Hong Kong are provided by a long list of luxury Hong Kong resorts, Hong Kong hotels, guesthouses inns and youth hostels. There are Hong Kong hotels to suit any and every budget in Hong Kong. Visitors can choose between accommodations in the city or in the rural and quiet areas of Hong Kong.


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