Tax Haven Hong Kong, What it Means.

Hong Kong is not the traditionally type of tax haven but can be considered to be a low tax haven or jurisdiction. Hong Kong ranks among the world’s biggest and most stable financial centers and is also known as a trading nation. Hong Kong is the headquarters to many international companies and banks. Hong Kong offers financial services such as the incorporation of business companies, the formation of trusts, banking and the formation of Limited partnerships as well as Sole Proprietorships.

Hong Kong is a good place to start when seeking alternative markets for investing. in particular, if you need to save on taxes and at the same time expand operations in a way that mitigates your ability and protect assets, go to the Contact Us page where you will be able to send an email to an agent for assistance. Second citizenship by investment or economic citizenship has become popular and is a means of international investment. Do not hesitate to start protection your wealth and thinking about your financial safety. Wealth preservation is essential these days and must not be taken for granted. You can receive information on offshore investment tools as well as second citizenship which make it easier to move from country to country and to conduct inheritance and succession planning.

Companies which are incorporated in Hong Kong tax haven have many advantages. Hong Kong has a very low tax regime in place when compared to many other countries and financial centers of the world. Corporations registered in Hong Kong tax haven will pay a low corporate tax rate of 17.5 percent on profits realized from doing business within Hong Kong or with residents of the tax haven. Hong Kong companies pay no form of taxation on capital which is gained outside of Hong Kong tax haven. There is no capital gains tax, estate tax or withholding tax by companies in Hong Kong tax haven. All companies incorporated in Hong Kong tax haven are obligated to pay an annual license fee to the Registrar of Companies in tax haven Hong Kong.

Privacy for business companies in tax haven Hong Kong is of vital importance. There is no need to make the names of the company owners known to the public. Hong Kong tax haven companies are easy to set up. A Minimum of one shareholder and two (2) company directors are needed for incorporation of companies in Hong Kong. Incorporation takes as little as one working week. Companies incorporated in Hong Kong tax haven must file financial statements with the tax authority and not the Registrar of Companies.

Hong Kong tax haven is one of the world’s biggest banking centers. Over 50 of the world’s top banking institutions have a presence on Hong Kong attracting a large clientele. Hong Kong’s banking sector is regulated by the strict laws and conditions of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Offshore banking in Hong Kong tax haven gives clients access to multicurrency accounts, debit and credit cards and banking services such as wire transfers, online banking, banking via telephone and fax. Offshore banking in Hong Kong offers privacy for bank account holders. The offshore banks operating in tax haven Hong Kong go by the Know Your Client rule but are still able to provide privacy for clients. The information in offshore bank accounts in tax haven Hong cannot be given without the consent of the back account holder.

There are many advantages to opening an offshore banking account in Hong Kong tax haven. There are no taxes to be paid on interest received from offshore bank accounts in the tax haven of Hong Kong. In addition the banking system of tax haven Hong Kong is well regulated and supervised. Hong Kong tax haven has one of the best economies in the region and currency stability is guaranteed. Hong Kong tax haven is an excellent financial centre which can be used for making sound investments.


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