Teh Hong Kong Partnership Company

The Hong Kong partnership company is just one sort of Business Company which can be incorporated in the offshore jurisdiction of Hong Kong. Other business types which can be registered include limited liability companies, Hong Kong Trusts and Sole Proprietorships. As an exceptional financial center Hong Kong also offers banking services to its clients.

Hong Kong partnerships are great investment tools when set up as limited liability partnerships. Taxes are imposed on a territorial basis which opens doors to tax mitigation techniques to be deployed. We provide reliable help with regard to structuring reliable wealth preservation and tax free asset protection devices. For details on second citizenship (Dominica Citizenship) which optimizes the ability to safeguard wealth, travel more freely and access new markets, go to the contact us page and send an email. We will refer you to a registered agent capable of delivering such help.

This type of Hong Kong Company can be formed by a total of twenty (20) persons and no more. The minimum number of persons who can form a Hong Kong Limited partnership company is two (2). The members of Hong Kong Limited Partnerships are known as general and limited partner. The company must have both general and limited partners. The general partners are responsible for all debts and obligations incurred by the Hong Kong Company. The limited partners of the Hong Kong Company are only responsible for debts of the company based on the contribution made or the agreement reached by the partners. Other corporations can be registered as limited partners of Hong Kong Companies.

The incorporation of Hong Kong Partnership companies is done by the Registrar of Companies in the jurisdiction of Hong Kong. A statement signed by all the partners of the Hong Kong Company must be submitted to the Registrar General. Information to be submitted for company registration is the following: the name of the limited partnership company, the names and addresses of the company partners, the registered address of the Hong Kong Company, the type of business operations to be carried out by the limited partnership, a signed statement saying that the company is a limited partnership company, the contributions made by the limited partners must all be noted. The members of limited partnerships usually enter into partnership agreements amongst themselves; this document can be submitted to the Registrar of Companies.

The Hong Kong limited partnership company must pay at the end of each financial year an annual license fee to the government of Hong Kong. The financial statements of the Hong Kong Limited Partnership company must be made available to the tax authority in the low tax jurisdiction. Taxation for Hong Kong Limited partnership companies is based on the flow through method. The Hong Kong Company itself pays no taxes but instead the partners within the company will pay taxes based on their share of profits or loss accumulated from the Hong Kong limited partnership company.

The members of the Hong Kong limited partnership company can prepare a partnership agreement which must be signed by all the members of the partnership corporation. This document can outline the contributions made by each member of the Hong Kong limited partnership company as well as the liability that each partner holds. The limited partnership agreement can include the types of business operations to be carried out by the Hong Kong limited liability partnership company.

Hong Kong companies are generally good trading companies and if set up properly are able to take advantage of low tax schemes put in place in the tax haven.


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