Hong Kong Companies With Offshore Benefits

The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance permits the incorporation of three types of Hong Kong Offshore companies: Hong Kong companies limited by shares, Hong Kong Companies limited by guarantee and Hong Kong unlimited companies. All Hong Kong companies can do business in and out of the jurisdiction. The Hong Kong offshore company is a good business company which is well recognized worldwide. These companies are used mainly by clients wishing to reduce on tax liabilities and for asset protections as well as estate planning. Hong Kong offshore companies are very easy to set up and inexpensive to incorporate.

If looking to maximize your ability to minimize tax liability and protect assets, go to the Contact Us page where you will be able to send an email to an agent for assistance. Asset protection is relevant these days and must not be taken for granted. You can receive information on offshore investment tools as well as Nevis second citizenship which make it easier to travel and to conduct inheritance and succession planning. Second citizenship by investment or economic citizenship has become popular and is a means of international l investment. Do not hesitate to start protection your wealth and thinking about your financial future.

The offshore jurisdiction is a low tax haven which bases its taxes on a territorial level. A Hong Kong company only pays taxes on incomes which are generated by doing business within the jurisdiction. Income which is gained outside of Hong Kong is not taxed. A Hong King company which has business operations in Hong Kong is entitled to pay 17.5% taxation on its annual profits. Hong Kong has none of his taxes in place for Hong Kong Companies: capital gains tax, estate tax, withholding tax, Sales tax and VAT. Hong Kong Companies will pay Stamp Duty on transactions such as transfer of company shares.

Hong Kong offshore companies are very easy to incorporate. Company registration in the tax haven of Hong Kong requires just one shareholder and two (2) company directors. The shareholder and the director of a Hong Kong Company can be the same person. Corporate directors can be used for incorporating Hong Kong offshore companies. A company Secretary must be appointed for all Hong Kong Companies. The Company secretary must be a resident of the tax haven of Hong Kong and corporate secretaries must be resident companies of the jurisdiction as well. Company registration is completed within one (1) working week.

When incorporating Hong Kong offshore companies a memorandum of Association and Articles of Association has to be submitted to the Registrar of Companies. information which must be filed is the following: the name of the offshore company which can be written in Chinese or English, the number of members the company will be registered with, the registered address of the company, a statement must be filed stating the type of Hong Kong company to be registered, the objectives of the Hong Kong Company and the by-laws of the company.

The names of the beneficial owners (shareholders) and directors of Hong Kong companies is not made par of public records in Hong Kong. Further protection can be provided by making use of Nominee shareholders and directors. All Hong Kong offshore companies must keep accounting records to show the position of the offshore companies. These companies must at the end of each financial year present its accounts records with the tax authorities of the jurisdiction of Hong Kong. Hong Kong offshore companies must contract an auditor who must be recognized member of the Hong Kong Society of Accountants.

The Honk Kong offshore company has the advantage of being incorporated in one of the top financial centers in the world.


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